3D’S Healthcare Services has extensive experience in delivering support to individuals’ in their own home.

3D’S Healthcare Services Philosophy: “our patient wellbeing, our passion. Our patients’ care and satisfaction is key to us. Our patients’ care is at the centre of our heart. We can provide high-quality care to our clients and we aim to do this by getting to know each person and understanding their care needs and providing care to suit their personal needs”

We offer a full range of home healthcare and our care services give you the chance to do any activity outside or inside your home. We also offer night service to help you get a proper night sleep. Our healthcare workers have a wide range of training to ensure you are well looked after. Our carers can come to your home or the home of the person you are caring for. We are able to offer services such as; social activity such as taking the person you care for to the shop, pub or shopping. It also includes; preparing meals, helping to get up, washed and dress, sitting with the person you care for and keeping them company.

We also offer services in the following areas;

  • Personal care: Assistance with dressing, feeding, bathing, dressing, hair care, assistance getting ready for bed or getting up and preparing for the day hair care as well as advice, encouragement and psychological and emotional support.
  • Meal preparation: Our support workers can work with you to meet all of your dietary needs. They can also call and ensure a hot meal is provided.
  • Assistance with medication: Many people have to manage and organise a large number of daily or weekly medications. A pop in call ensure that prescriptions are in the home and prompting to take medication.
  • General Housework: 3D’S Healthcare Services can help relieve some of the stress of regular everyday tasks. Our support staff can help with; dusting, laundry, vacuuming and changing beds. We strive to help you maintain it in the privacy of your own home as understands the need for independence and dignity.
  • Shopping service: daily chores that many people take for granted can get harder to accomplish as you get older. Our staff can shop for you or accompany you to do their own shopping locally. Some adults’ can’t get to the grocery store, and would like someone to go for them. Others want to do their own shopping but would like a family member or friendly helper to come along.
  • Companionship: Our Support Workers can accompany clients to shopping where assistance is needed including, social visits, theatre trips,
  • Night care service: 3D’S Healthcare Services can provide night care/sleep-in service for you or your family member. We can provide sleeping night cover or waking night cover, to ensure that assistance is available should it be needed during the night. This service ensures that everyone in the household gets the peace of mind and rest they deserve, knowing everyone will be safe through the long night.
  • Pop-in service: A check call service to check that you or your family member has taken their tablets is given a drink and is comfortable and safe.

Most people prefer to receive continued care in the comfort of their own home instead of staying in the hospital environment. We understand that care in the comfort of your own home can make life easier sometimes. Our service can help provide experienced qualified nurses and carers where required to help with the continuation of your care. We recruit domiciliary healthcare from a variety of healthcare backgrounds to help give the best care and support to our service users in their own homes. We provide a safe, secure environment and effective care that allows our service users as much independence as possible while supporting a range of their care needs. 3D’S models of care help support the delivery of high-quality care. We assess your needs and plan care based on your needs. Care plan helps to assess what care you need and how it will be provided. We ensure that your care plan is individual to you, and you will be allowed to have as much involvement in the development of your plan as you wish.

3D’S healthcare care and support aims to help you;

have as much control over your life as possible

keep as much dignity and respect as possible

live independently

have the best possible quality of life

Our service user care plan will be refreshed as and when any changes need making. The care plan assessment process will be on an ongoing basis to look at whether the outcomes identified in the care plan are being met and to ensure they are still appropriate and check that any risk assessments are up to date. Families will always be informed and kept up-to-date.